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Too bad. This is great because you can now no longer plug the charging cable in the wrong way around.

Whoever appreciates pure Android will love the Nexus 5X, even though the differences between Marshmallow and Lollipop are incremental rather than revolutionary. A key advantage of the Nexus 5X great is that it is much easier to modify than other Android smartphones.

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You can unlock the bootloader via console commands and boot up third-party firmware and, if problems occur, you can restore your Nexus to its factory settings quite easily. Qualcomm has built a so-called QFuse into the chipset. This is a hardware function that is permanently changed once triggered by Android.


Games began to stutter at this point too. New to this chip is an improved signal processor.

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  5. Its power-saving capabilities means that it collects performance and background services data. In addition, the antenna has been greatly improved. The Nexus 5X offers much better reception than many other test devices. It sounds horribly tinny, but is quite loud. Google has not been stingy with the microphones, however. They are placed at the bottom, top and front of the device, so the 5X picks up sound well.

    The quality of the Nexus 5X camera is pleasantly surprising. The selfie cam should be used in HDR mode.

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    The maximum resolution of the Nexus-5X camera is only The Nexus 5X battery is a slight letdown, with only a 2, mAh capacity. The Nexus 5X can run on one charge for more than a day with moderate use and can also be recharged quickly. Android 6. It takes about 80 minutes to fully recharge. During the test, the Nexus 5X reached 7, points. Bear in mind that battery performance in real life is dependent on many different factors and isn't always accurately reflected in benchmark tests.

    Google Nexus 5 review: A Nexus with power, potential, and the right price - CNET

    Rarely have I been so nonplussed by a new Android smartphone. The Nexus 5X will get three years of updates from Google, of course, but even that is no longer a unique selling point. To everyone else, this phone might pass by unnoticed. Hi I'm using Nexus 5x for last 3 months Well this phone has just 2gb of ram I know I had to made some compromises like price and specs but just believe in me I have totally no issue regarding this phone I M sure it will last for next 3 yrs easily and having same performance now after 3 yrs also which means just flawless!!!

    LG NEXUS Price List October 12222 - LG Philippines

    I will say go for it with eyes closed!!! I like the design, but this is what should have come out last year and with those bezels it sort of looks 12 months old This is NOT a review Cut it out.

    Stop using the word 'review', this is a 'hands on' at best. Pretty sure that's why it says "Hands-On" in the title. Nearly every review site calls a first look a "hands-on" review. It always implies that it's just the first impressions after spending a few minutes with the phone. Very Nice but I had such bad experience with LG Products my Previous Nexus 5 was truly a hardware nightmare i had issues galore with this phones and even the 3 replacements devices as every one of them had issues.

    I love my N5, and by my look he have more pretty and original design than N5X. Not sure I need upgrade to the new model. No mention of bloat ware? If this stock android has very little I'll definitely be getting one!

    Nexus 5 Review- Top 10 Reasons To Buy LG Google Nexus 5

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